Podere le Volpaie

Podere Le Volpaie is a 9th century farmhouse which was totally renovated in 2008.  In line with Tuscan regulations, it completely mirrors the original setup of the building.  What we have now is a  look back to the ancient with modern air conditioning, shower units and wi-fi!  We have carefully selected Tuscan decor and furniture to give you a real taste of the region, together with unique ceramic panels that reflect the history.
The complex consists of about fifteen properties, built in a square.  Tuscan Skies is the largest.  It is also one of the quietest, with its views towards Volterra across the central courtyard and towards Montecatini over the garden and fields.  The shared pool is 20 metres away.
Parking is secure, with spaces immediately next to the property.

View From the Gates

From The Road

The Court Yard

View Towards Montecatini

The Terrace at Sunset

View from The Court Yard

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